Stephen Durnan's Children 1903 with names

Stephen & Bridget’s Children 






     Stephen and Bridget had 14 children. Two children died in childhood – Ellen “Nellie", and Stephen Jr. The oldest 4 children were born in Illinois with the remaining children being born at home in Dayton Township, Bremer County, Iowa. There was one set of twins born – Margaret and Mary. It’s my understanding that it's not uncommon to find twins in some lines of the Durnan family to this day. The three oldest daughters married three brothers – sons of Harry Testin and Mary Higgins. They were from Illinois. Two children, James and Elizabeth, also married siblings – children of George Schmeltzer and Maria Louisa Kerns. The three oldest daughters settled in Illinois with their husbands. James and John (Jack) went to the Fulda, Minnesota area where John had a well drilling business. James would help his brother John as well as do some farming. Elizabeth and her husband Anthony Schmeltzer left for Alberta Canada, near the Round Hill and Camrose area. Martha became a nun and her name became Sister Mary Gabriel. She lived many years in LaGrange, Illinois. Ed and William – according to Grandpa Leo Durnan – left the boarding school that they were attending after the death of their mother, and joined a threshing crew and headed out to the west coast where their families remain to this day. Thomas, Charles, and Bridget remained in Iowa. Bridget married Andrew Rosener and resided in Waterloo, Iowa. She met an untimely death and her daughters were raised by Sister Mary Gabriel. Thomas took over the family farm and lived there for several years. The farm was later sold and Thomas then bought a farm outside of Oran, Iowa. Charles remained near Fairbank and lived in the area his entire life. The children are listed below: 


     1.    Catherine "Kate" Durnan (1867-1935) 
     2.    Margaret “Maggie” Durnan (Twin) (1868-1944)
     3.    Mary Durnan (Twin) (1868-1947) 
     4.    Thomas Joseph Durnan (1869-1939) 
     5.    John “Jack” P. Durnan (1871-1949)   
     6.    James “Jimmy” Joseph Durnan (1873-1946) 
     7.    Ellen “Nellie” Durnan (1875-1880) 
     8.    Charles Durnan (1876-1952)
     9.    Bridget Durnan (1879-1914) 
     10.  Elizabeth “Lizzie” Durnan (1881-19??) 
     11.  Martha (Sister Mary Gabriel) Durnan (1882-1938)
     12.  Stephen “Stevie” Durnan (1884-1890) 
     13.  Edward “Eddie” Durnan (1886-1970)
14.  William Francis Durnan (1888-1959)